Courtyard Dancers is a vibrant and diverse group that embodies the idea of multiplicity. We are engineers, doctors, bankers, lawyers, teachers and students who aspire to preserve the core and expand the boundaries of classical Indian dance, especially the North Indian form Kathak. Kathak exemplifies the synthesis of Islam and Hinduism, and signifies to us the act of pluralism practiced every day. For us, dancing is a form of critical social engagement-to connect to the traditional arts of India but within a contemporary framework of aesthetics and progressive politics.

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We aim for artistic excellence by adhering to the precision of classical Indian dance aesthetics but with an open approach to the best of modernity. We are especially interested in working with poetic forms such as Ghazal, Thumri and Qawwali for exploring emotional landscapes of love, justice, humanism, and hope. Our dance-theater creations juxtapose the beauty of the classical forms with everyday movements to envision our own collages of life. We strive to make dance relevant to lived and diverse experiences of our lives, both ordinary and unique. While we work with Indian dance forms that are rooted in traditions, we are continuously searching to mold them to express the contemporary. We believe that tradition and contemporary are not oppositional, but are best understood as legacies, connections, and transformations. We are interested in creating intercultural dialogue with artists from other disciplines, cultures, and creative spaces. We strive for sustainable and pluralistic communities that can acknowledge and bridge differences, without being compartmentalized or homogenized into ahistorical categories. We hope to join the journey of Indian dance to a new era of understanding, research, exchange, and excellence. We offer regular classes, workshops, performance opportunities, and seminars.




Fall 2021

Sundays September 19 - December 19, 2021

Beginner class: 2-3.15 pm

Intermediate/Advanced class: 3.15-5 pm

Masks are mandatory in the studio

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