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Workshop on July 30th, 2023

With Pallabi Chakravorty (Courtyard Dancers, Philadelphia & Subhashgram, Kolkata)
Details: Children’s Little Theatre, Gariahat Road,
Kolkata- 700 029, India
Sunday July 30, 4PM-6PM.
All are cordially invited.
pallabi chakravorty in dancing pose. some text. group of dancers in pose


Kathak classes

Kathak classes are conducted by Courtyard Dancers faculty. The advanced classes are conducted by Pallabi Chakravorty. The class sessions are intimate and intense and are accompanied by live tabla. In addition to movement, the emphasis is on learning rhythmic patterns, vocalization, and emotional expressivity. Using Kathak vocabulary and associated poetry, Pallabi’s students learn to infuse their dance with their own thinking. CD members are given performance opportunities on professional stage on a regular basis. They are also given opportunities to learn and work with renowned dancers and choreographers, who visit the group as guest artists.

Kathak classes are run on a semester basis. Regular attendance is a must.

Current Schedule Philadelphia Region

Fall Semester 2023 (Adult Batches)

  • Beginner Adults Ages 13+
    • All are welcome
  • Sundays August thru December 15th 2023; Time: 2 to 3:15PM
  • Cost for Semester: $500
  • Intermediate Adults Ages 13+
    • At least 1 year prior Kathak training required.

    • Brief student audition before registration.

    • Weekly Sundays Time: 3 to 4:30PM, August 27 thru Dec 17 2023.
      Classes are accompanied with Tabla (percussion) by Aqeel Bhatti.
  • Cost for Semester: $500
  • Contact: Mahasweta Dutt (Teaching Faculty)
    [email protected]
    Kathak for Kids: Ages 12 and below.
  • Not recruiting at this time
  • Cost for Semester: $300
  • Contact: Palak Singhee (Teaching Faculty)
    [email protected]
If you can’t join us this semester, we can contact you before the next semester begins. Add your information below
Traditional and contemporary dance are often seen as opposites, the one a preservation of folk forms and
the other an attempt to reject tradition and express modern ideas. But the Philadelphia-based
Courtyard Dancers combine the two, taking a progressive approach to classical Indian dance.
– Saun Brady, Philadelphia Metro